About Us

“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the treatment and advice you need to move forward.”
Jonathon Wilson
Managing Director, Therapy Assist

Expert professionals

We are centre of excellence providing the highest standards of care in a safe and friendly environment. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting patient relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

  • Deliver help with a range of aches, pains, and sporting injuries
  • Provide qualified & professional advice to aid your rehabilitation
  • Correct habits and patterns to prevent further harm to your health
  • Retain earned status by continuously developing our practices

Client referrals

Referrals are accepted from a whole range of sources, including those who want to contact us directly.

Our company receives a significant number of referrals to treat accident injuries from the legal service, including lawyers and claim management companies. We accept instructions from other medical and health practitioners, including occupational therapists, psychologists, doctors and specialist consultants.
Referrals for physiotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy can be received in writing, email or telephone.

Our core values

Range Of Options

There is a range of treatment options available to our clients. Each are tailored according to individuals.

Privacy and Safety

Our capabilities and care services are enhanced by our industry expertise in privacy and dignity.

Patient Focus

Our aim is for many of our patients to go on to achieve as much as they can and regain independence with the best possible care.

Quality Services

Our professionals are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking to develop proactive skills.

Friendly Staff

Qualified therapists at our clinics and treatment rooms are friendly so that you get the maximum outcome.

Innovation Solutions

We work side by side with senior staff to accelerate progress through a blend of management approaches.