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The Road To Recovery

Therapy Assist is a national physiotherapy company providing quality professional physiotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) service. As a leading provider for patient and medico-legal reports, we specialise in back pain prevention, management of all musculoskeletal injuries and improve the wellbeing of people through CBT.

The first thing most of our clients want to see is a compelling plan to help individuals return to a good quality of life. The goal of our firm is to persuade interested parties to be reassured in our expertise and appreciate the high level of treatment we offer. We provide the following benefits to all our clients:

  • Treatment Plan – recovery plan of action
  • Injury Assessment – clear concept of damage
  • Preventative Measures – reducing risks
  • Tailored Therapies – according to needs
  • Holistic Approach
  • Clinical Skills
  • Patient Care

Why Clients Choose Us

High Standards

Honouring commitments with due respect to all our clients and ensuring that we exceed the service requirements in our field.

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Attentive rehabilitation to help people with pain and physical difficulties to regain or maximise their quality of life.

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As providers of therapists throughout the UK, we are a convenient source for medico-legal reports.

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Expert team of therapists and counsellors
to achieve health and performance objectives.


Clearly defined as a company that achieves great things,
we appreciate the kind words that many state.